Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wow, it's been a while....

Loads have happened since I last blogged-we waved a fond farewell to 2005 and welcomed 2006 with open arms and much expectations....

Here are a few highlights of what was going on since Dec 5th....

BARCELONA ( 17/12-20/12)

Before we board....

On arrival, after quite an experience trying to locate our hostel........Night view of Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas during the day

Good old dependable Starbucks for our daily caffeine boost

In the 'Bus Turistica'

The National Art Museum

In 'Poble Espanyol (Spanish Village)

With Sze-Ann in front of one of the monasteries in the Spanish Village

My favorite view of the village

La Bouqueria fresh market. We went crazy in there and literally imported the whole market back to Dublin :P

At the famous 'Sagrada Familia'

Futbol Club Barcelona

The stadium is huge

The rest of the photos of the places we visited are in Esther and Sze's camera. :( Took to many photos the first 2 days, and my memory card ran out of space.

Some of the local spanish food we sampled.....

We called it the 'Spanish Pizza'

My appetizer...Crepe with tuna and grilled sweet pepper..Really yummy and filling

Mixed paella for 3

Our dessert. Chocolate mousse cake, catalunya caramel and greek yogurt with cramelized nuts

Our tapas selection. Hunting down the tapas bar wasn't that difficult but getting our food was an unforgettable experience both for us and the waiter. Hehe....

We were still hungry after our tapas, so we went in search of more food. Squid-ink paella

Casserole paella

We tried the Sangria as well!

Well, that wraps up most of our Spanish experience.


Sze's Christmas Tree

While waiting to surprise Sze

The birthday girl with her cake

Wearing some of her presents...

With family collage

With Sze

With some of the girls..

Apartment 43


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hey CYn!! Happy New YEAR! JusT ReaLiseD u DuN geT Tags Here too much...any intention to start a chatterbox column? had to create an account jus to post! haha
Haven't read since ur first entry here. really like all the pictures, girl! Italy trip planning in 30mins! =)

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